Listed below are just a few of the major players in and around Seattle and the world. Remember that megas are much more than just companies; they hold more power than any non-corprate government. They maintain vast security forces with cutting edge tech and numerous magically active guards. Even the land the corps hold is considered to be its own territory and its employees enjoy the benifit of dual or “corporate” citizenship.

A megacorp and a goverment, this superpower rules Azlan. The “azzies” are a serious player in Seattle and their massive stepped pyramid would dominate the skyline if not for the Renraku Arcology. A match for most corps in tech, Aztech’s real power is their mastery of magic. This is especially true in regard to the company’s fluency in the darker arts of blood magic. This last fact, while widely known, is probably not wise to bring up at an Azz meeting. Govs and corps offer huge bounties for “blood magi”, but no-one is crazy enough to pay a bounty on one of the “Azz-guard”.

Known more as a global power than a fixture in Seattle, Ares is none the less influential here as well. When a war breaks out, the winner is often the one who can afford the most Ares weapon systems. Strong in all “technological avenues”, Ares produces much of the sixth world’s finest weaponry. Ares dominates everything from HV guns to long range smart missles. It’s rumored that they even guard an orbital laser array. If you run across an Ares sentry unit, keep running! Even worse would be to stumble upon Ares’ Knight Errant.

Renraku is Seattle’s supplier of grid and database technologies. Much of the computer and cybernetic tech in Seattle got its start in the upper levels of the arcology. In the recent past the Renraku arcology has undergone a stunning renovation. The arcology, thanks in no small part to is comprehensive automated systems, has gone completely haywire! It is still operating at full capacity, but to what end and under who’s guidance is not known.

Lone Star
While Seattle is technically a UCAS city, nothing may exemplify who is really running Seattle like Lone Star. Lone Star is Seattle’s security force. Maybe not a true Megacorp, but a corporate-ran and still globally powerful company. They are payed by Seattle taxpayers to keep the city streets safe. Most lone Star officers have a very strong sense of justice, but just remember that it’s a business and the “nuyen” is king. Lone Stars has several “SWAT” units in Seattle alone. If things break down to the point martial law and true militaristic action need be taken, Lone Star calls on the UCAS ran Metroplex Guard.


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